physical Theater / CLOWN / Video

Fable of anticipation that tells in a playful and poetic way, through a character, our addiction to technologies in our daily life. A show "Alone on stage", humorous, without words, mainly visual and sound where gesture theater, dance, circus and technology coexist.

In the near future, Jo lives in a world permanently connected to the "Network" which sets the rules of life of the inhabitants. Eve, the artificial intelligence that directs the head, controls all the facts and gestures of Jo, the assistant in his choices, pushing him to consume more and more, making him dependent on useless services.  Can a technology man relationship fill the void of a real human relationship?


Through a clever translucent screen device in the foreground, the viewer discovers a prisoner behind a screen, whose daily life is governed by superficial technologies. This metaphor for our reliance on technology reveals what our near future would be and brings us to take a critical look at our ultra-connected lifestyles.

Mr Jo is a kind of Mr Bean parachuted into a world close to Terry Gilliam's movie "Brazil". This solitary single tries to survive in this ultra-connected world, generating around him catastrophes that reveal the absurdity of this technological world where human error has no place.


The spectator laughs and delights in discovering a Mr Jo who can not go home, because with his bandage on his head, the facial recognition system can no longer identify him. This comical and satirical visual show jostles us with laughter while warning us about our own drifts with the use of technologies. Can human contact be replaced by machines. Has consumption become our only entertainment ?

If we had to summarize the story and the character that takes place there, we would define it as comic visual and burlesque in the vein of clowns, silent film actors with a piece of Tati, Abel and Gordon, Mr Bean, immersed in Terry Gilliam's world of Brazil and 1984 by George Orwell.

Distribution :

Auteur & Interprète : Sébastien Domogalla 

Régie & Direction technique : Filippo Cavinato

Collaboration Artistique : Xavier Bouvier

Composition Sonore : Antoine Hénaut  

Conception Costume : Evelyne Meersschaut

Construction du décor : Maïté Tilmant, Manu Brasseur

Réalisation des Images : Mara De Sario, Edouard Cuvelier

Compositing & Capatation : Nicolas Simon 

Animation Visuelle : Sébastien Domogalla

Création Lumière : Filippo Cavinato

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