Mister Jo's Obsessions

Small shape of dumb gestual theater / A Pantomime

For all audiences from 5 year old / Length : 30 minutes and 15 minutes / 2012 Creation

Mister Jo is an eternal child in an adult body who has a series of experiences and who always wants to "do well". He is genuine and lets his emotions betray himself in his attitudes and mimicries. Mister Jo's character is inspired from burlesque film heroes. Heroes that are themselves inspired from theatre tradition, popular circus tradition (clowns) and pantomime. Pantomime sometimes punctuated by sounds and outbursts in a simple and childish way.

The Show

Despite himself, Mister Jo causes chaos in a world defined by social or moral norms. It is a parody of our use of cell phones, a time shift, and a chain reaction. The character is propelled by his folly, his innocence, his pretentions and his clumsiness. Though absurd and irrational, Mister Jo makes us see the world as it is. 

Its Forms

Mister Jo's Obsessions. (Street & Inside venues / Length : 30 minutes).

- This show can be programmed on an inside venue or in an outdoor stage.

Allooo Mister Jo.   (Inside venues / Length : 20 and 15 minutes)

 - Short presentation to start a show, a cabaret, a seminar, etc.

 - As first part of a program (Theater) As an introduction, during a cabaret.

Video : Street Version first in 2012 (Extract)

Credits & Partners

Author & Performer : Sébastien Domogalla

Direction : Goos Meeuwsen

Acting Direction : Aude Droessaert

Technical conception : Damien Hubert

Sound : Antoine Hénaut

Costume : Carnabi Street

Photography : Mara De Sario & Jacques Bidel

Video : Nicolas Simon

Administration : Marleen De Poortere

Production : Sébastien Domogalla

Diffusion : Bertille Coudevylle, Dagmar Kalodova

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Production : Compagnie du Plat pays ! Asbl

With the support of : Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles "Belgium Department"

                             Service général des Arts de la Scène

                             Cirque, Arts forains & de la rue.

                             Ets Hugues-Réal Dujardin.

With the help of : The Street Art Center "Centre des Arts de la rue d’Ath" / Centre culturel du Roeulx / Espace Catastrophe (Bruxelles) / Centre culturel du Pays des Collines / Résidence d’Artistes (Flobecq) / Escale du Nord Centre culturel d’Anderlecht / Centre culturel de Dour.