Triple Buse

Wordless Physical Theatre

A Show without words / For viewers aged 6 and older / Length : 45 minutes / 2014 Creation


Triple Buse is the hilarious and farcical story of three employees working for a balloon delivery company. In this world of blue canvas and cardboard, the absurd and repetitive nature of the job stifles their ability to communicate and express themselves. The pressure to make a profit slowly but surely alienates the characters... leading the dreamer in the group, a distant cousin of Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, to let his imagination run wild and smash the stratus quo, taking his accomplices with him- for better and for worsel.


« A fun and optimistic critique of modern working life, and an argument for the importance of the artist in our society. »

Press Review

« Triple buse » is slapstick, light-hearted and bracing in equal measure. From the youngest to the oldest, it invites each member of the audience to question their notions of the obligation to work and make money. How can you preserve human relationships despite the crushing weight of enforced productivity ? How can you catch and hold onto the little bubbles of happiness that escape each of us ? The Compagnie du Plat pays ! and Compagnie Odile Pinson use humour and colours to shine a light on the grey monotony of the workplace, using their circus magic and boundless inventiveness to keep you laughing all the way.


Françoise Lison-Leroy, 18the of August 2014 

(L’Avenir Le Courrier de l’Escaut) 

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« This tale may seem simple and straightforward, but it plays on a complicated web of feelings and emotions. There are no words, just actions and gestures that swing from the slapstick performance of the clown to the precise discipline of the acrobat, and the characters allow themselves to be carried away by the rhythms, melodies and sound effects. The set, crafted almost entierely from cardboard boxes, is built and rebuilt throughout the episodes. It becomes almost like a character in it own right, an overbearing and constricting figure against which the trio must fight to escape the prison of their own routine. Triple Buse asks its young audience a number of piercing, difficult questions about their own preconceptions of work, human relationships, differences, freedom and emotions. »


Michel Voiturier, 5th of May 2014

(Rue du Théâtre)

Credits & Partners

Cast and performance : Edouard Cuvelier, Diane Lévèque & Sébastien Domogalla

Artistic direction : Screenplay assistance, theatrical production & direction.

Eric de Staercke, Aude Droessaert, Colm O’Grady, Xavier Bouvier & Benoit Devos.

IAD theatrical production intern : Margaux Lemage

Light creation : Filippo Cavinato / Damien Hubert

Sound creation : Antoine Hénaut

Screenplay : Raphaël Lamy

Costumes : Evelyne Meersschaut

Stage management : Filippo Cavinato

Illustration : Edouard Cuvelier

Photography : Mara De Sario

Video production : Nicolas Simon

Administration : Marleen De Poortere 

Production : Sébastien Domogalla

Diffusion : Bertille Coudevylle

Production : Compagnie du Plat pays ! 

Co-production : Compagnie Odile Pinson 

Made with the support of : The Wallonia Brussels Federation - Theatrical Arts Office - Multi-disciplinary departement

Centre culturel du Roeulx / Centre culturel du Pays des Colline / Centre culturel de Dour / La Salle la Fenêtre de Tournai / Foyer socioculturel d’Antoing / Centre culturel des Riches-Claires / La Bellone – Maison du spectacle / Compagnie la casquette / Le Théâtre de la Roseraie / Le Théâtre Varia / Arrêt 59 / Okidok2 / WBTD / 

A production listed by the Art & Vie cultural travel company / Theatre in School initiative of the Wallonia Brussels Federation

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