The Plat pays Company   In a few words...


The Compagnie du Plat pays !  is a non-profit association which was created to offer a structure for contemporary stage and performance artists a structure from wich to produce, distribute and manage their projects. It is run as a flexible organisation, bringing together various artists and defining itself as an " association of artists for the production of stage and performance art ". It is located in the administrative district of Mons (Belgium), in the Hainaut province, and since 2005 has been dedicated to helping artists, writers and performers bring their projects to fruition through a combination of expertise, commitment and good humour. It was created as a way to combine and mix the different branches of performance art and give them a platform upon which they could interact with every other field, such as circus performance, dance, theatre, audio-visual, music, fine art and artisanal creation. By focusing on their commitment to the artist, and the artist's position within society, the company presents a variety of different artistic practices and styles. They prioritise art focusing on clear social themes, and in their own way contribute to the development of a cultural conscience, dialogue and identity.


The Compagnie du Plat pays ! has built a reputation with both viewers and organisers. This isn't just in Belgium : the company has built an international reputation, with more shows staged across Europe, North America and Middle East.


The association is built on the desire to come together and pool talent and resources for the benefit of the art. Artistic creation has always required talent, inspiration, hard work and a heavy dose of dreams, risk, folly and passion. No matter what form the project comes in, it takes a long time and a lot of hard work to go from the first idea to the finished piece.


The Compagnie du Plat pays !  articulates its work of support to the creators of all horizons, in an interdisciplinary approach. The work of artistic accompaniment of the structure extends to the artistic expressions such as the plastic arts, the music, the dance, the theater, the circus, the audiovisual and the craft industry, that we mix within creations in order to to serve both dramaturgy and narrative. Incursions to the audiovisual and technologies allow us to take a critical look at modernity, while the use of traditional craftsmanship anchors us in our roots.


The creations and projects supported focus on talking about men, the world, our behavior in society by taking subjects out of their ordinary surroundings with humor, in order to make them accessible to the greatest number and to the youngest. We support a work of scenic research based essentially on the observation of our contemporaries, giving birth to endearing and authentic characters who lead children and adults, to a reflection and self-criticism of our little things. Through the vector of laughter and sincerity in the game, the creators approach, "the air of nothing", current concerns and values that we believe to be essential. These projects have in common to use burlesque and the absurd, with a good dose of humor and tenderness, to inject poetry into everyday life. Constant questioning about the artist's place and commitment in our society is evident in each of our creations.


Through our projects, we aim to build bridges between the generations and the different components of society. We are particularly committed to promoting family representations, mixing adult audiences and young audiences, for recognition of children's cognitive abilities.